Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine's Mission

Mission:  Ongoing fundraising for the YHOP Fund -- a dedicated, restricted fund of the Palatine Township Food Pantry.  YHOP collects CASH, not cans.... the Food Pantry uses money from the YHOP Fund to reduce cash shortages, explore expansion opportunities, and provide food without interruption for the 250+ families it serves every month. Fremd HS Palatine HS Church Youth -- provide leadership / labor by hosting fundraisers, approaching local businesses, and appealing to private donors.  To donate, click here.

Cash beats cans.... every $1.00 donated translates into $5.00(!) in food buying poweras the Pantry is affiliated with the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
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How Can I Help?
While youth-driven, YHOP also relies on adult and corporate gifts.  100% of proceeds go to the YHOP Fund.  Donations may be tax deductible, as the Palatine Food Township Pantry is a 501(c)3 organization.  Please consider giving $100+To donate, click here.

To discuss donations, or just to get involved, please contact the current YHOP's Director using this email:

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What is the Palatine Township Food Pantry?

The Palatine Township Food Pantry, established in 1970, is located at 721 S. Quentin Rd. in Palatine (across from Fremd HS).

Palatine Township's boundaries are:  Lake-Cook Rd. (north), Wilke Rd. (east), Central Rd. (south) and Freeman Rd./Huntington Blvd. (west).

Approximately 250 needy families are served monthly. 
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Other YHOP questions?
Contact YHOP's Director using this email:
"People should never go hungry in Palatine Township"

YHOP's History
(items listed below in reverse chronological order)
YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

Jamie Henning continued YHOP's mission to raise funds for the Palatine Township Food Pantry as YHOP Director in 2017 and 2018. She hosted Bake sales with high school volunteers at local high School events including Distance Night and Football and Basketball games. Among the highlights: A Refacing of the YHOP Truck!

The 2017-18 YHOP mission continues!
2017-2020 YHOP Leadership

Jamie is excited to share her experience with YHOP's 2019-2020 leaders as they begin Fundraising!

Patrick Angelaccio, Palatine High School Senior
Prince Priyanshu Bahadur, Palatine High School Senior
Suryanshu Bahadur, Palatine High School Freshman

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

YHOP's fundraising allowed Palatine Township to acquire a much needed freezer/refrigerator which gives the Food Pantry more space to provide fresh and frozen foods to needy families.

The 2016 YHOP team kept the fundraising spirit alive for the Ninth consecutive season!
2016 YHOP Leadership

YHOP Directors Aidan Busch, Aishwarya Tallikar and Jaime Henning at the Refrigerator/Freezer dedication at the Palatine Township Food Pantry on October 24, 2016.

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

Highlights for the year include...

The team led bake sales at local churches and high schools and coordinated fundraising events at Plum Grove Junior High and Christ Lutheran Church.

The Great Eight!
The 2015 YHOP season marked eight years of YHOP Fundraising to end hunger in Palatine

Kiera Gavin, 2015 YHOP Director

This year's Director, Palatine High School Junior Kiera Gavin, led YHOP team members Justin Chon, Kenny Benjamin and Debbie Lindstrom.

Kiera will continue mentoring Yhoppers again as Director for a second year into 2016!

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP
Highlights for the year include...

Whole Foods continued its support in 2014 with the Feed Four More fundraising event. Shoppers donated over $6,000 to the Palatine Township Food Pantry.

Dedicated Plum Grove Jr. High students worked hard to raise over $1,200 for YHOP.

Bake sales were held at football and basketball games at both Fremd and Palatine High Schools.

Sensational Seventh:
Fundraising Season Continues YHOP's Mission

Anna Holowicki, 2014 YHOP Director

Under the leadership of director and Palatine High School senior, Anna Holowicki, YHOP continued its energetic fundraising events to support the Palatine Township Food Pantry.

Anna devoted her junior and senior years to organizing bakes sales and mentoring future leaders.

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP
Whole Foods pitches in to help!

Throughout December 2012, Whole Foods Grocery Store in Palatine collected money for YHOP and the Palatine Township Food Pantry.  Their generosity yielded over $10,000(!) for YHOP.

YHOPpers shown here supporting the Whole Food efforts (from left to right) are Becki Bolinger, Anna Holowicki, Katie Bolinger, and Nick Palcheck.

1/2 Dozen Years of Success:
2013 is as good as the first five!

Becki Bolinger, 2013 YHOP Director

Becki's leadership helped continue the fantastic YHOP roll.  She worked tirelessly -- not just in 2013 as Director, but also as Assistant Director in 2012.

Over her four years of great contributions, Becki attended, organized, and helped run well over 20 different YHOP fundraising events.  A tremendous job!!

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP
Elaine Stearney, 2012 YHOP Director

Elaine became active in YHOP as an 8th Grader served as Assistant Director in 2011, and finished off her incredible 5-year YHOP run as an outstanding Director!
YHOP's fundraising total surpassed $200,000(!) during her tenure as Director.  Elaine pushed hard to help YHOP receive funds from many youth-based sources.

YHOP Year 5:
in 2012...

YHOP Fever... catch it!

In November 2011, Plum Grove Junior High School's Student Council raised an incredible $1,400 for YHOP!

During YHOP's five-year history, this was a record amount for any junior high group... an incredible effort by an extremely energetic bunch (with great leadership and advisers).

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

Rock Against Hunger

This unique fundraiser, held at Durty Nellie's in September 2010, kicked off another highly-successful YHOP year!

Emma Goodwin, Palatine HS Sophomore, deftly organized the event, which included five different bands contributing their time and help feed the hungry.  Attendees' admittance fees turned into YHOP funds through this creatively-constructed benefit concert.

4th Year

Ellie Gray, 2011 YHOP Director

Over $24,000(!) was raised under Ellie's leadership during the 2011 Season.  Well beyond the funds generated, Ellie widened YHOP's base of contributing youth organizations significantly, thereby helping to insure YHOP's longevity.

Ellie was an involved YHOP participant as a freshman (YHOP's first year, 2008).  Each year, her YHOP commitment deepened, serving as Assistant Director as a Junior (2010), and then using her cumulative experience to take YHOP to new heights during her Senior Year (2011).

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

Christine Spasoff, 2010 YHOP Director

Under Christine's leadership and astute strategic planning, YHOP's success kept on rolling.... in addition to 2010, Christine had been very active since YHOP's beginning, participating at all levels as a sophomore (2008) and serving as Assistant Director (2009).

3rd Season (2010)
raises over
Senior Leaders: Monica Cason & Mark Long

Monica and Mark devoted much of their junior and senior years at Palatine High School to YHOP's many fundraising projects.  With their dedication, they not only raised money, but also awareness and volunteerism throughout Palatine High School.... and the community.

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

YHOP's fundraising allowed Palatine Township to acquire its first Food Pantry Truck.  The truck design was created by Monica Cason, Palatine High School's 2009-10 YHOP Senior Leader.

The YHOP truck gives Palatine Township the ability to drive to Chicago southwest's side, and purchase food from the Greater Chicago Food Depository. This affiliation allows the Food Pantry to buy $1.00 worth of food for only $0.20!

YHOP Truck

Pictured here are youth at the YHOP Truck Ceremony (on 8/24/09).... including YHOP's 2009-10 Director, Christine Spasoff (red dress).

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

Using YHOP funds, the Palatine Township Food Pantry expands to 3X the size of its prior space.  The Food Pantry is currently serving over 250 families each month -- up sharply from the 180 families less than two years earlier (when YHOP was launched).

2nd (2009)

YHOP surpasses its $25,000 2nd year goal, having now raised over $140,000 for the Palatine Township Food Pantry. Focused efforts must continue to achieve YHOP's mission of "People should never go hungry in Palatine Township."

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

2009 YHOP Director, Kathy Wischhusen

"Nominated by their high schools (from nearly 100 high schools in the Daily Herald readership area) -- not just for volunteering their time, but also for developing into leaders in their communities."

YHOP Leaders
named to
Daily Herald's 2008-09
Leadership Team

2009 YHOP Sr. Leader,
Jamieson Gray

"While any kind of volunteerism has great value, young people who learn how to organize, and persuade others of the justness of their cause, are the ones capable of making real change."

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

Fremd High School Principal Lisa Small, YHOP Founder and 2007-08 Director Kellie Kinsella, and Palatine High School Principal Gary Steiger with YHOP's Those Who Excel Award, presented to YHOP on October 18, 2008 in Peoria.


Palatine Township Supervisor Linda Fleming shown here with YHOP Adult Advisor Kevin Kinsella, as they proudly pose with their newly-received Governor's Hometown Award, presented to YHOP on October 20, 2008 in Springfield.

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

Launched in the summer of 2007, YHOP set its fundraising goal as $100,000.  The premise was if the YHOP Fund started out with a "giant snowball at the top of the mountain," then successive fundraising seasons could strive to create "smaller fundraising snowballs" to make certain there was always "snow on the mountain" (i.e., cash in the YHOP Fund).


On February 22, 2008, the Fremd High School marquis announced the wonderful news!  YHOP's first fundraising season -- due to the combined efforts of 1,000+ people -- had obtained the "giant snowball" of $100,000.  Final accounting showed the inaugural season having raised $112,000.

YHOP Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine YHOP

Kellie Kinsella -- a Fremd High School Senior in 2007-08 -- first learned about the Palatine Township Food Pantry's perennial (every summer) food shortage from an announcement at church. With her father's help, Kellie designed a strategy to build an ongoing fund that the Pantry could use in times of shortages.


YHOP's first fundraiser was a "giant" bake sale at Fremd High School's Homecoming Game (vs. Palatine High School) on September 28, 2007. When this first effort netted almost $10,000, YHOP was on its way to what initially seemed like an improbable goal.... getting to $100,000!